Unconcealed preciosity

silver ink on photography
28 x 20 cm


In Unconcealed preciosity thin silver lines are drawn over photographies.
The metallic drawings create a second image which reflective qualities are in juxtaposition with the glossy surface of the photographic paper.
The two layers are simultaneously visible only when the light incidence is in a specific direction. The whole image will then appear with its capillary lines, dots and dainty traces.

The photos underneath are real shots but it’s not clear if what we see occurs naturally. They belong to a series titled Lucus (the sacred bush in the ancient Roman culture) and portray entangled ramifications and chrysalises.
The dehydrated nature and silkworm webs can be perceived at the same time as attractive

and repulsive yet in Bozzetto’s images the unsettling aspects appear transcended as if sublimated into their ambiguous beauty.
They seem to evoke a suspended time beyond the ‘sensible world’ that cannot be easily labelled.

Bozzetto embraces the exiguous, the minute, the subtle, the micro.
The viewer is invited to come close, to allow time. It’s a quest for connection, intimacy, dedication, silence.

The taste for refined details can be associated to decoration or embroidery, for long time regarded as second class craftwork and mostly female activities.
Visual beauty and ornament have not been taken into account as serious matters in the context of modern and contemporary art.

The artist seems to turn her back on the elitist, masculine art world, deciding not to conceal her lyrical beauty as the title self-consciously states.


Photos from:
– exhibition ‘Leere un Irrelevanz’, Ulm Kunstlerhaus, 2020