The epiphany of irrelevance

nylon, silver wire
dimensions variable


In The Epiphany of irrelevance the delicate presences almost defy gravity and float, dance, breathe in the air. Being almost incorporeal they act as a threshold towards the non-physical.

Epiphany means revelation, apparition, the manifestation of something.
In balance between reality and vision, the installation appears ethereal and its physical presence it’s at the limit of immateriality.
A temporal alteration seems to occur and the time appears slowed down or suspended.
The amniotic atmosphere echos oneyric, hypnotic and meditative states of cognition.

The use of anonymous everyday materials, of little economic worth, brings attention on what passes unnoticed or is perceived as irrelevant, questioning our value system.
The subtle variations of transparency, the sensuality of the folds, the alluring impalpability of the nylon shapes recall images that are distant from the common visual assoviations and functions of the material.

There is a measure, a balance, between order and disorder, harmony and chaos as if one would recall and coexist within the other, as if an explosion were integrated into a lullaby.



Photos from:
– ‘Leere un Irrelevanz’, Ulm Kunstlerhaus, 2020

The epiphany of irrelevance, Ulm Kunstlerhaus