The logic of sleepwalkers

soy noodles, nylon wires
dimensions variable


The logic of sleepwalkers is an ephemeral site-specific and immersive installation made of soy noodles.

The title refers to a doubled reality, logical and incongruent at the same time, as  in the oneiric or hypnotic states of cognition.
The candid strings occupy the space creating an ambiguous environment.
A temporal alteration occurs and the time appears slowed down if not suspended.

The limit between welcoming and unsettling is uncertain: the contemplative dream-like atmosphere triggers opposite sensations.
There is a measure between harmony and chaos as if an explosion were integrated into silence.

The installation explores the permeability of forms and perception acting as a threshold between reality and vision.
Investigating the latent qualities and evocative potential of materials the artists uses the soy noodles as a substance able to incarnate materiality and immateriality.


Photos and videos from:
– ‘HERE’, Cavallerizza Reale of Turin, 2017
– ‘ToDays Festival’, Gagliardi & Domke gallery, Turin, 2017